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Alisa Technology is an expert professional website development Company with very impressive portfolio. We provide complete web development solutions all around the world. Alisa Technology provides their client with a team which has the most skilled developers, who work with full commitment and dedication to complete the targets within provided time frame. Our expert developers, provides web solutions through custom management system development and integration services.

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User friendly
and Advance Design
Alisa Technology provides their client with a team which has the most skilled developers,.
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Customized Functionality
Alisa Technology will give you a chance to compete with your competitors in today’s competitive,.
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Fully responsive
and Attractive
Web Designing is all about creativity, quality and experience. Web design is a same process of creation,.
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SEO Friendly/Fast Speed
We are providing best professional services to our clients. If you are looking for a solution company.
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Alisa Technology has a talented team of experts, who work with full dedication to accomplish the task efficiently and quickly..

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Web design & Development
Alisa Technology provides their client with a team which has the most skilled and professional developers,
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Search Engine Optimisation
Alisa Technology SEO experts not only boost your search engine standings but also help you to increase the goals you want from your online standing.
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Mobile Application
A business having their own application is more effective than announcements or other sort of promotional strategies.
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Digital Marketing
Why-SEO important
for your
  • Because there are 70,000 searches being done by real
    people who are looking for You to get the job done.
  • PPC is Hot Cash no doubt but its Hell expensive to move
    with as long term for your business.
  • 80% Users go for Organic & Map listing instead of paid ad
    listing  on Google  & other Major SEs
Web Design
Alisa Technology web designers

Alisa Technology’s web design professionals create perfect User Interface (UI) Design for their clients. We pay attention to client specifications and use approach of critical planning and analysis for the

Create your Application
Mobile Application
android and ios 

Alisa Technology applications have the ability to open on different application stores, like
Google Play, Apple App Store or the Windows Phone store.

Alisa Technology applications have the ability to open on different application stores, like Google Play, Apple App Store or the Windows Phone store. You may also use your own private application store. We make your application secure by making consents and errands, and after that ensure customers/clients run the latest version of your application..

The next sensible attention of  Alisa Technology is creating a separate website to support tablets. This is fairly easy to attain. It is moderately upfront to detect the device type (e.g. HTTPUserAgent) and redirect users to alternative content accordingly.

In order to certify your website is making a confident impact, make sure you reflect mobile functionality as you revolution desktop designs for it. The goal is to make your pages attractive and user-friendly, without overstuffing them with too much functionality and information. Alisa Technology applications have the ability to have started to look, work, and perform better than always as we have progressively activated to consider several device sizes in our designs.

Enjoy the Creation of

Versatile website

Share your ideas, projects or photos with the whole world. Native is great for both personal and corporate clients. It’s also useful for creating stylish shops and promo websites.
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    Understand the Behavior of Your Happy Marketing Targets
    The key here is to create content that your battered audiences would like to receive or compression from any content marketing network you provide – your website, emails, online video, and other materials – making them spend significant time with your content, and finally inducing their consumer shapes
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    Build Interactions with Relaxed Marketing – Avoid Unbreakable Trade
    One of the main causes why many businesses flop in content marketing is they fail to identify the very spirit of this digital marketing device – which is to build dealings with targeted audiences through applicable content. Content marketing is operative because customers generally displeasure disturbance marketing, like what old-fashioned marketing channels do.
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    Attach with your clienteles
    We growth your social media attendance by creating up to 80 posts a month by allocation your blog content, firm news, business hot topics and private connections with groups. To rise post prominence, we increase fan increase to form a great online succeeding of directed online fans to help cooperate with and segment your content
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Check our customers' experience to make sure that Alisa Technology is the perfect choice for any Company.
“In my history of employed as a web developer, I can fairly say that there is not one firm that I’ve ever operated with that has well service than Parade Structures.”
     by Khadija
“I desired to follow up on response from the Alisa Technology and all team on the outstanding work that you and your team did at the Standard. Your team’s competence and preparedness to do whatever it takes with slight intermission was familiar by everybody. My hats off to you for an unresolved work. You and your company are great buddies and I like working with you.”
     by Daniel Mark
“I’m not ever really worried that the stand isn’t going to get there on period. I can call over there and conversation to somebody and catch my queries answered in an direct. Luxury of success a hold of people. All statement with them is really relaxed. They do switch the whole lot. “
     by Fahad Mahmood