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Alisa Technology is an expert professional website development Company with very impressive portfolio. We provide complete web development solutions all around the world. We provide best professional solutions at very economical price package. We are considered best because we know what you actually want and provide you with best after services. Our web development team consists of very experienced and inventive members. We are working in web solutions and providing services for last 5 years and have clients all over the world.

Website is very essential now days as it provides you a way to increase your business through online marketing. However, it is necessary to get a website developed and designed through professionals; otherwise you can’t get the results you are looking for. At Alisa Technology, we mold your business ideas and requirements into reality that is why Alisa Technology is the best web development company.

Our panel of experts develops safe and active websites that provide help to achieve your targets, meet company’s objectives and provide help to your sales tactics and it is entirely based on your business requirements and specification provided by you. Alisa Technology makes sure that each and every web solution provided by our firm is capable enough for bringing in solid results for our clients. By following these approaches our web development services provides a combination of qualities which includes styling, efficiency, technology and proficiency.

Most Professional Skill Series

Alisa Technology provides their client with a team which has the most skilled developers, who work with full commitment and dedication to complete the targets within provided timeframe. Our expert developers, provides web solutions through custom management system development and integration services. In this way many of our client requirements get scaled. Another quality of Alisa Technology skilled developers which distinguish us from others is our simpler approach like easy to use content management system, discover
alongside management, distribution and publishing.

For better marketing and expansion of business, thousands of firms are adapting new technology advancements or looking forward to do it. For those who are looking to these technology advancements our web development services will fully support them to meet all their targets and needs in this perspective.

Alisa Technology will give you a chance to compete with your competitors in today’s competitive, performance driven and dynamic market after implementation of our web development service.

Knowing Your Requirements

Alisa Technology incorporates a variety of modified business solutions. We have excellent skill in web development, applications, search engine optimization as well as software modules and web project encoding. We also offer a complete package which consist Web Development, Application on android and IOS, SEO and SMO. Alisa Technology will completely analyze and understand your business requirements this is what sets our web development company ahead from other firms working in the field of IT. Our team is fully devoted to help you achieve your business goals by providing you with the best web application development services.

Our Approach

Over the period of last few years software development models have changed a great deal and our web development firm follows different models according to the requirement of different project. We choose a specific model which depends on the size of the project, requirements of the project, time-frame in which project should be completed etc. Every project goes under the following process in our firm:

  • Inspect Business and Custom Requirements to fully understand their needs
  • Strategy planning
  • Requirements are divided into different modules for designing and developing
  • Testing and implementation of applications for ensuring quality
  • Understanding client’s framework and business processes
  • Focus on ascendible web app development process
  • Completion of all projects timely
  • Rate of every project should also be budget friendly

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Many sites provide customers different ways to make a purchase. What’s difficult is to deliver great experience across the whole digital journey, from searching to purchasing decision.

As online competition is increasing day by day, margin pressure is also growing, and your audience is becoming more and more discriminating. Therefore to compete with your competitors it is very important to create an eCommerce website with effective design.

There are no magic formulas in eCommerce. A delicate balance of business sense, brand strategy, content, user experience and intuitive design is required for success. Finding it right means getting your “sweet spot”.

When you partner with Alisa Technology, our years of experience in eCommerce are just a starting point. We apply an in-depth, approach for problem-solving for your brand and business challenges. We help our clients to create experiences that drive their brand forward

Experience Is Everything

In offline world, a salesman can walk customer through the sale, whereas in online stores, this experience is left in the hands of the customer. That makes it all the more important to have an ecommerce website that fulfills a customer’s offline experience.

Through our great experience we help our clients to convert their users as their customers and then customers become their brand champions. Alisa Technology provides you an engaging and meaningful shopping experience which helps you to build a relationship with your audience – and create enough trust to turn your browsers into buyers.

Beyond the Storefront

Customers expect a lot from eCommerce website and undeniably eCommerce website must-have qualities through which you can build trust towards them. Alisa Technology creates eCommerce website having following qualities useful content, clean design, consistent branding, effective ways of engaging with products and convenient checkout. These qualities in eCommerce website work for both search engines and people.

User-friendly digital storefront is one half of the equation. The second half is the understanding of what your audience needs and to provide them with a shopping experience that educates them, solve their problems and meets up to their expectations. These qualities will make your brand truly memorable.

In a lot of cases, an eCommerce site is not just a new channel, but a first step towards digital transformation. If you want a site to work as advertised, offline procedures must be smartly redefined and digitized in ways which meets the requirements of the defined business.

Built To Sell (And Scale)

Alisa technology take pride in the development of eCommerce website through the best and most professional team who helps you to set up brands for digital growth at scale, while guaranteeing customers are having the most unique experience which they are looking for. We tackle eCommerce challenges from both sides, by stepping into the shoes of your customer and also getting to know about your business in a way that makes us your true digital partner.

When you work with Alisa Technology, our professional team helps you to create a user-focused strategy, define your online sales process and deliver a website that creates a digital experience, from front-end features to back-end functionality.

Plug-In Development

At Alisa Technology, we have a team of best professionals in Plug-in development services. Our devoted team consists of experienced developers, who tactically create modified plug-ins that are entirely based on your requirements and add them to your website to increase its functionality. Regardless of the complexity and size of the project, we are competent enough to deliver incredible plug-in customizations that are made to match your business needs. We pay close attention to your requirements and details to provide you with the best results. Alisa Technology develops plug-ins that helps you to avoid the exercise of writing long codes for adding certain features to your site. We provide you with plug-ins that can boost your site’s security; increase your site’s social media connectivity; speed up your website; create room for customizable widgets; make it more SEO optimized etc. Our suite of plug-ins gives you the ability to be glitzy as well as to be restrained when you need to be.

Bug & Error Free

We pay close attention to details and requirements provided by you to ensure the best quality. We run number of pre-delivery test loops to make sure not a single glitch remains.

Custom Development

We create plug-ins by inserting features that work in perfectly according to your requirements. There is no place for redundancy in our solutions.

Plug-in Development Services

Alisa Technology plug-in development service helps you to add essential functionalities and features in your website. If you are willing to add any custom feature to your website, which is not available over the internet, then custom plug-in development is the best choice to go for.

Dedicated Developers: Alisa Technology has a talented team of experts, who work with full dedication to accomplish the task efficiently and quickly. With experience and by utilizing our skills we deliver outstanding plug-in development solutions.

100% Scalable Plug-ins: Alisa Technology custom built plug-ins are user-friendly, dynamic, SEO-friendly and 100% scalable and compatible. Our competencies lie in creating secure and intuitive plug-ins for your web portals. By using robust PHP scripting language, we create custom plug-ins with a package of impressive features and precise codes.

Ensure Security: Our experienced developers offer secure and bug free customized plug-in for reliable performance across different platforms. Emphasizing on security, our experienced developers make use of consistent and sanitizing coding standards. Complete debugging is performed number of times to ensure that there is no room left for any sort of security flaws or technical errors.

100% Customized Extensions: Alisa Technology’s experienced and highly-skilled developers understand that each website has different needs for extensions. To meet every website’s requirement, our experts create exceptionally versatile and functional custom plug-ins that are both user-friendly and secure. We deliver 100% interactive, responsive and unique plug-ins that provide amazing user experience at very economical pricing.

Seamless Support: Our after service support is highly appreciated by our clients which also distinct us from other firms. For your needs related to plug-in customization, we provide 24X7 technical supports. We have created plug-in support to help our clients with plug-in installation, development, enhancement, integration and upgrades.


Web Design


Competition in every field has become very much difficult, which means it is not easy to run an online business as it was before. Now a day’s internet has become an essential part of marketing and for any business. So if you want to achieve your target market through internet, then first thing that you need for your business, is a website. Website consists of many important components and the most important component is its Layout. If Graphic Interface of your site is not appealing, it wouldn’t have any effect on your business.

This is where Alisa Technology comes in, as we are the best web design company in the world, providing our clients with highest quality of work, through efficiently designed graphics and websites. Alisa Technology Designers & Programmers understand all your requirements and convert them into an extraordinary design which helps you to attract more clients. It doesn’t matter on which level you are running your business, as we provide high quality work for all the business.

Elements of Web Design

Web Designing is all about creativity, quality and experience. Web design is a same process of creation, with the goal to present the content on web pages, which can be accessed by the end-users through the internet from a web browser.

Alisa Technology’s web design professionals create perfect User Interface (UI) Design for their clients. We pay attention to client specifications and use approach of critical planning and analysis for the design.

Alisa Technology focuses on key visual elements such as:

Layout: In layout it is decided that how graphics, text and ads are arranged. The key goal that is set is to help the viewer find the information they he is searching for at a glance.

Color: The selection of colors depends on the requirements and patrons; it can be a simple black-and-white to multi-colored design, conveying the purpose of the business or the brand of a company.

Graphics: Graphics consists of many things like logos, clipart, photos or icons, which are used to enhance the web design. Keep in mind to make your web design user friendliness; these need to be placed properly, suiting with the content and color of the web page and don’t make it too packed or slow to load.

Fonts:  Use of various fonts also plays a vital role in attraction of a website design. Mostly web browsers can only read a selective number of fonts, which is known as “web-safe fonts”, so designers generally work within this widely accepted group.

Content: Content and design plays a vital role to enhance the message of the site. Content should always be useful and relevant, so that viewer remains on the site. Content should be of a suitable length consisting of relevant keywords and optimized for search engines.

Create A User Friendly Environment

Other than the basic elements of web design to make it beautiful and compelling, Alisa Technology developers also consider the end user. This approach distinguishes us from other firms working in IT field. User-friendliness can be achieved by following factors.

Navigation: Site planning, menus and other navigation tools must be made by keeping in mind of how users browse and search. This provides the user friendly interface and can easily find the information they require.

Multimedia: Addition of relevant audio and video in the design can help users to grasp the information in an easy and quick manner.

Compatibility: Webpage should be designed according to the requirement of different browsers and operating systems.

Technology: Alisa Technology web designers are well aware of advancements in technology which allows them to create a web design that is always fresh, professional and dynamic.

Interactive: Increase user involvement and participation, by adding opinion polls and comment boxes in the design. We try to convert your users from visitors to clients with newsletter sign-ups and email forms.

About Our Web Developers

Alisa Technology web designer’s covers all from web designing to web graphics for print media. According to the requirement of client and its business, Alisa Technology has what it takes to make an attractive and perfect web page. Our team members for web designing are fully qualified and have all the necessary knowledge of the most famous technologies and techniques that are used in web designing.

Alisa Technology never compromises at the quality of work to achieve perfection. Working with a clear structure and concept, we always satisfy our client’s business needs.

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